DIY Kits

Our gorgeous Whimsy range in easy to assemble DIY kits.

All DIY kits come with the parts required to build each piece of furniture (wooden parts and 3D printed parts).  The wooden pieces in the kits come unpainted so you may assemble and paint yourself allowing you to add your special touch.

Bedding and cushions are not included.

Materials required for assembly are: Wood glue and paint. A small piece of sandpaper will be included for finishing your piece.

I will be uploading tutorials onto the website prior to shipping but trust me, they are super easy and self explanatory.

Round Coffee Table Quick shop

Round Coffee Table

from $10.00

Queen Herringbone Bed Quick shop

Queen Herringbone Bed

from $25.00

Single Cresent Bed Quick shop

Single Cresent Bed

from $18.00

Scandi Armchair Quick shop

Scandi Armchair

from $12.00

Byron Table and Bench Seat (sold separately) Quick shop
Gaia Cabinet Quick shop

Gaia Cabinet

from $18.00

Crescent Shower Quick shop

Crescent Shower

from $18.00

Arches Cabinet Quick shop

Arches Cabinet

from $18.00

Queen Crescent Bed Quick shop

Queen Crescent Bed

from $25.00

Farrah Single Bed Quick shop

Farrah Single Bed

from $18.00

Crescent Cradle Quick shop

Crescent Cradle

from $12.00