About Us

Hi! I'm Jen the busy mum of two little ones and the designer/creator behind Whimsy Woods Designs. Thank you so much for stopping in and taking time to read about me and Whimsy Woods.

Whimsy Woods was born from my passion for play, magic, imagination and innovation. I don't only want to make products that look amazing, I also want them to be of the highest quality for little hands so that they may be kept by your family for generations to come. Furthermore, I source gorgeous pieces from trusted suppliers and collaborate with fellow creatives to bring you unique and high quality products that compliment our own designs.

Dollhouses are the one item that are kept and passed down from one generation to the next. They hold endless memories, family history and have a way of rekindling our own childhood even as adults. Which brings me to our mission statement that defines what we are all about.

"Creating magic in the minds of your little ones and your family as a whole"


From our family to yours xxxx