DIY Kit- Gaia and Arches Cabinet

DIY Kit- Gaia and Arches Cabinet

This is the assembly instructions for the Gaia and Arches Cabinet as found in the DIY kit. The cabinet itself will be assembled for you but I have left the other pieces off for ease of painting.

In the kit you will have: Assembled cabinet, backing plate for faux rattan, faux rattan, door front and handles.

1) If painting, I would apply the handles to the Gaia cabinet and paint the cabinet and door front now. For Arches, leave the handles off and paint now. 

For painting, I recommend using a water based acrylic paint. I always use a semi-gloss so they are easy to clean and the finish is harder wearing.

After the first coat, sand away any roughness and apply remaining coats.

2) Once painted, apply wood glue along the grooves inside the cabinet.

3) Insert the backing plate.

4) Apply glue to the backing plate and apply the faux rattan.

5) Apply glue to the back of the door front and press down onto the faux rattan. you might want to place some books on top until dry.

6) For the Arches cabinet- Apply the handles.