DIY Kit- Whimsy Basic Kitchen

DIY Kit- Whimsy Basic Kitchen

These are the assembly instructions for the Whimsy Basic Kitchen as found in the DIY kit. 

Each kit will include: 6 Drawers, oven front, 2 sides, counter top, back, drawer backing piece, bottom piece and the 3D printed hardware (sink, oven insert, oven handle, tap, stove top and 6 handles).

1) Apply glue to the grooves of the side pieces and the drawer backing piece.

2) Insert the 4mm bottom piece into the drawers backing plate groove.

3) Apply the side pieces. Ensuring all the pieces are fitting snug into the grooves.

4) Apply glue to the 9mm back piece- bottom and sides.

5) fit the back piece between the two side pieces. Ensure it is flush on the back.

6) Apply glue to the top of all pieces.

Laying the kitchen on its back, apply the counter. Push all the pieces together ensuring its all stable, snug and aligned. Wipe away excess glue. At this point I would allow the glue to dry and paint. I paint the drawers and oven front separately as they are often a different colour to the rest. Ensure you avoid getting paint in the holes and openings for hardware. 

For painting, I recommend using a water based acrylic paint. I always use a semi-gloss so they are easy to clean and the finish is harder wearing.

After the first coat, sand away any roughness and apply remaining coats.

 8) Once painted, insert the oven insert using a dab of super glue.

9) Glue on the oven front

Apply wood glue to the back of the drawers. Apply the drawers.

10) Using a small amount of super glue, Insert the oven handle and drawers handles.

11) Using a small amount of super glue, apply the hardware to the top of the counter.

 Voila your done!!!! Pretty easy right?!!!