DIY Kit- Bedside Table

DIY Kit- Bedside Table

These are the assembly instructions for the bedside table as found in the DIY kit. 

Each kit will include (from top to bottom, left to right): Top, middle, 2 X sides and a drawer pieces. This kit also includes a 3D printed golden knob that should be applied after painting.

1) Apply wood glue to all grooves.

2) Attach the two side pieces onto the middle piece. The middle piece will fit into grooves on the side pieces. 

Apply the back piece.

3) Apply the top piece. You will have to wiggle it around a bit to get it down flush and snug with the sides and back. 

4) Put in the drawer. the hardware hole is closer to the top. Push all the pieces together to ensure they are all aligned, snug and looks right. Wipe away excess glue and allow at least 30min to dry. Paint (avoid getting paint into the knob hole). Sand after first coat of paint and then apply final layers.

Using a tiny dab of super glue, insert the knob into the hole. you may need to push it in with a hard surface if there's paint in the hole.


Make sure you tag me on IG as I would love to see how you customise your Whimsy pieces! xxx