DIY Kit- Hamilton Cabinet

DIY Kit- Hamilton Cabinet

This is the assembly instructions for the Hamilton cabinet as found in the DIY Kit.

Your DIY kit includes (from top to bottom): Top piece, doors, bottom piece, back piece, sides and 4 gold knobs.


1) Lightly sand your pieces using the sandpaper included. Using a wood glue apply a thin layer of glue into the slots of all pieces as shown and along one long edge of the bottom piece. 

2) Insert the back piece into the slots of the two side pieces.

 3) Insert the bottom piece (glue down) into the two side pieces. Apply glue to the exposed edge of the bottom piece.

4) Apply the doors.

5) Put on the top. You may need to gently move it around so the other pieces fit into its grooves.

Push the pieces tohether, making sure they are all snug and wipe away excess glue. Allow glue to dry for 30mins then sand away any edges and make sure it's smooth to touch. 

It is now ready to be painted. I recommend using a water based acrylic paint. I always use semi gloss so they are easy to clean and the finish is harder wearing.

After the first coat, sand away any roughness and apply remaining coats. Try to avoid filling the knob holes up with paint.

Final step is putting in the little knobs. apply a very small amount of super glue into the knob holes. Push the knobs into the holes. You may want to push them in with a flat hard object to make they're in snug. Be sure to avoid getting super glue on your fingers and only use a very small amount.

Make sure you tag me on IG as I would love to see how you customise your Whimsy pieces. xxx