DIY Kit- Crescent Cradle

DIY Kit- Crescent Cradle

This is the assembly instructions for the Crescent Cradle as found in the DIY Kit.

Your DIY kit includes (from top to bottom): foot piece, head pieces, base and 2 side pieces.

1) Apply a small amount of glue to the grooves.

2) Insert the base piece into the groove of the head piece or foot piece.

3) Insert the side pieces into the slots of the head piece with the base piece in the grooves of the side pieces.

4) Apply the foot piece ensuring the base and side pieces are fitted not the grooves. Gently push all the pieces into place and made sure the pieces are all snug. wipe away excess glue. Allow 30 mins for the pieces to dry

Now your piece is ready for bedding. to make a little mattress, simply cut some cardboard to fit into the base of the cot. put a little stuffing on top and cover it in fabric. Use fabric glue to hold it together on the bottom.