DIY Kit- Vanity (both designs)

DIY Kit- Vanity (both designs)

This is the assembly instructions for the modern vanity (with and without oak top) as found in the DIY Kit.

Your DIY kit includes (from top to bottom, left to right): 2 drawer fronts, top piece (it will be oak for the oak vanity option), middle piece, back piece, 2 side pieces.

 1) Apply wood glue to all the grooves and one edge of the back piece.

2) Insert the middle piece into the grooves of the side pieces (grooves facing up)

3) Insert the back piece in to middle piece and side piece groves (glue on bottom, facing down). 

4) For the modern vanity (no oak top)- Apply the piece, ensuring the back piece and two side pieces all fit into the grooves. Push it all together making sure all the pieces are snug and straight. At this point, if you want to keep the drawers wooden then paint the vanity now, leaving the drawers out. If the drawers are being left out at this stage, make sure you wipe away glue from exposed groves of the vanity to prevent dry glue in the area the drawers will be placed.

5) Insert the drawers.

6) For painting, I recommend using a water based acrylic paint. I always use a semi-gloss so they are easy to clean and the finish is harder wearing.

After the first coat, sand away any roughness and apply remaining coats.

Once painted you can insert the handles and apply basins. I use super glue to secure. See below instructions for basins.

For the oak toped vanity: Once you've reached step 3, I would put the drawers in and paint the vanity. Leaving the handles and oak top off. Once painted, using super glue apply the gold handles (ensure you only use a small amount). Please note I have not painted the vanity in the photo as this is just for assembly instructions.

Put a thin layer of wood glue to the top of the vanity. Lay the vanity on it's back and apply the oak top. 

For the basins: Apply a small amount of super glue to the tap groove at the back of the basin. push the tap into the groove. I would suggest painting the basin before doing this, if wanting another colour.

Apply the basins to the top of the vanity using super glue. Ensure the basins are centred over the drawer handle and centred front to back.

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