DIY- Beds (all bed designs, single and queen)

DIY- Beds (all bed designs, single and queen)

These are the assembly instructions for all of our DIY bed designs. All Bed designs will have the same types of pieces so the below instructions apply too all of our bed designs.

Each bed set will include: Head board, foot boards, bed base and two side pieces.

1) Apply wood glue to all of the grooves and to the ends of the side pieces.

2) Insert the base piece into the groove of the head board.

3) Apply the two side pieces. pushing the pieces to make sure they are all snug and aligned.

4) Apply the foot board. All of the pieces fit into grooves. Ensure they are all snug, aligned and stable. Wipe away excess glue. Allow at least 30min to dry.

You're now ready to make some beautiful bedding for you bed!!! 

Make sure you tag me on IG as I would love to see how you customise your Whimsy pieces.